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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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uh, who are you now? hey, what's going on? o'brien won't tell us what he witnessed. his lawyer won't be here for a while. let him stew. but he's a runner. keep him on lockdown. okay. boss? they just put him in your office. (mug clatters) i know how you got o'brien. the tech guys did a diagnostic on my phone. you downloaded spyware so you could listen to my conversations. sorry. you couldn't get him yourself, so you piggybacked on us. (sighs) i'm broke, rees.
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alimony, rent, friggin' eighth grade prom. can you even believe they have that? i needed this guy. so you lied and cheated your own sister. i know how this sounds, but i would really appreciate it if you just give him to me. are you out of your mind? i need a favor. do you honestly think i would give you o'brien after what you pulled? not to mention the fact that he might be a witness. do you even know how hard it is to ask this? okay, i am doing you a favor by not arresting you. now go do something different with your life. no, you don't tell me how to live. tommy, come on. i bust my ass every day to put food on the table for me and my kid by myself. hey, maybe i haven't done quite as well as you have. but i'm doing the best that i can, so don't tell me how to live.
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i'm sorry. excuse me. sorry. sorry about that. hello. (elevator bell dings) where are we going? uh, tommy. take him, he's yours. what? go get your bounty. but you have to leave right now. please. who are you now? excuse me. i'm very confused. what is going on? uh, annie--pick her up at the ellington inn in fairmont. isn't she at the motel? no, i got her a spa package-- facial, massage, the works. she'll be waiting for you. how do you know my daughter? (elevator bell dings) give her my best.
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>> coming up tonight, rg3 passes a pair of td passes to beat the eagles. ammunition flying off the shelves while the gun control debate rages. rain and maybe wintery weather in the christmas eve forecast. i'll tell you what to expect in your forecast tonight.
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lisbon. are you sure we can't get o'brien's public defender... lisbon. here any sooner? no, i-- (click) what are you doing? we have to leave right now. i need to talk to o'brien. well, that might be a little difficult because he's not in the building. why not? uh, i'll explain to you on the road. i know a great shortcut. where to?
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chad, it's agent lisbon from the cbi. we need your help. yeah, sure, of course. there's a bounty hunter on his way to your hotel to pick up his daughter. he's traveling with a fugitive. wait, that guy squatting in our cabin? my dad was just mentioning-- listen... tell your father to get security. detain him. we'll be there in 20 minutes. (inhales sharply) well, that was very well played. where is he? give it a minute. there he is. if anything happens to him... everyone's safe, so don't worry. it's all gonna turn out fine.
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shall we? you're the bounty hunter. excuse me? this is about your bounty. (under breath) oh, man. hey, i don't have time. listen, i just need you to take o'brien to mexico and let him loose. you do that, whatever they're paying you, i'll double it. what? exactly what i said-- i'll double your bounty. i don't do that. fine, i'll triple it. why? look, it doesn't matter. will you do it? you killed chief green and the druggie, didn't you?
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you're worried o'brien can identify you. just--just name your price. a million bucks. come on. that's not even-- whoa! might need your daddy's checkbook for that. why? what's going on? o'brien didn't witness anything. he was nowhere near the cabin. but you were, weren't you? no. i--why would you say that? well, you gave us that videotape so easily. practically handed us zubov as a suspect, and then there's the drugs. a little partial to the cocaine, aren't you, chad? no, i'm not. okay, a lot partial. dilated pupils, hyper-alert. you're burning up. that's why you have this, uh, personal air conditioner in an already-cool room. and when i shook your hand, your pulse was thumping like a jackhammer, my friend. okay. stay there! chad, let him go. stay there! don't be stupid, chad.
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stay back or i'll shoot him! i swear to god i'll shoot him! (alarm bell ringing) (both grunting) nicely done, lisbon. (bell continues ringing) our attorney will be here soon. what's the point? son-- i just wanna be done with it. when did you start dealing drugs? a year ago. look, he doesn't pay me anything. dealing does. and you were dealing to steve kasser the night of the murders, weren't you? what happened next? that's when the cop came by.
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she told us to take it easy. then she started to talk to steve about his mother. all i could think about was how my father was gonna disown me, how i'm gonna lose everything. i was so high. i put chief green in her trunk. i tried to get steven too, but he was too heavy, so i left him there. look, i didn't wanna kill steve, okay? i didn't wanna kill anybody, but i had to. that has to count for something, right? no. (knock) hey. hey. the kid wanted to say good-bye. (chuckles) give me a minute with your aunt, huh? yeah. love you.
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love you, too. listen, do you still want o'brien? well... yeah, sure. he's downstairs in holding. i'll have them release him to you. wow. thanks. this doesn't mean i think what you're doing is right, but i don't know. maybe i'm wrong. you got a great kid there, so you're obviously doing something right. i'm proud of you, tommy. maybe even a little envious. thanks, rees. i love you, tommy. and, um, you know that i'm always here for you, right?
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yeah, i know that. okay. (exhales deeply) (whispers) be careful, tommy. >> just ahead, rg3 and the skins beat the eagles. ammunition flying off the shelves while the gun control debate rages. next. one da got an important letter. he's built a rocket ship to travel into space." google, how far is earth to the moon? the moon is 238,900 miles...
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>> rg3 returns, but it's the redskins defense that stops the eagles in the end for a
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thrilling win today. hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. you saw the game. the redskins lead philadelphia, setting up a show with the cowboys next week. dave owens is here with the top story. >> we said this was going to be a tough game. redskins fans, you can't ask for more drama than this. rg3's return, playoff implications and let's head out for the link. there's the famous brace of rg3. lcl sprain from a couple of weeks ago. defense got she would early though. jeremy gets mind williams, 11 plays, 76 yards, 7-0, nick folesgetting it done. redskins respond. washington took a 13-10 lead into the half. second half things getting good. watch this pass right here. perfection personified.
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griffin to moss, 22 yards. 27-10 skins. eagles fight back, chance to tie in the final second. foles throws it away but the ball didn't make it back to the line of scrimmage so it's grounding at the penalty. redskins win 27-20. >> i think that's where our football team is right now. they expect to win. that's where you feel very good about the character of your guys. >> this is what we worked for. we knew if we took care of our business coming out of the bye week, that anything in our hands so we've worked hard to put ourselves in this position. >> we're playing the best ball we have all year at the right time. we're rolling. we all know that. it's been a change in our mind set since after the by week. i think everybody's just dialed in now. >> bruce, this is when it gets interesting. redskins cowboys next week. the winner wins the nfc east. they go to the playoffs. if dallas loses they're out of the playoffs. if the redskins lose, they can
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still get to the playoffs if minnesota loses to green bay at home next week and chicago loses at detroit. so there's still a way if the redskins lose next week. >> one quick question. rg3 didn't run much. are we concerned about his leg, his knee? >> obviously he wasn't 100%, but the offense looked like they could get things to know. i think they learned a lot about themselves passing the football today. looked good. >> they looked very good. see a smile on my face. protesters rallied today in front of a local gun store while lawmakers debated gun control on the sunday political talk shows. matt jablow has that story. >> reporter: standing for what is best in us and railing against what isn't. >> reporter: jim birch says the time has come at long last for america to stand up to the national rifle association. >> the national rifle association is here to sell weapons and make money. >> reporter: and adopt meaningful gun control laws.
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>> we seem to honor the caliber of our weapon instead of the caliber of our character. >> reporter: the bishop of the cath like diocese of one spirit led a group of protesters outside of a firearms store, nova firearms, calling for a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines in the wake of the blooding shootings at sandy hook elementary school. >> to allow these type of guns that have no purpose other than to murder, slaughter innocent people and children is insane. >> reporter: chuck disagrees, fearing the slippery slope toward a more comprehensive gun ban. >> what's after that, semiautomatic handguns. >> reporter: the chief firearms instructor, he says despite the tragedy at sandy hook elementary, he remains adamantly opposed to an assault weapons ban. >> i disagree with that. >> reporter: saying law-abiding americans should be allowed to
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carry virtually any gun they please. >> why do we have to limit or restrict the sale of so-called assault rifle or semiautomatic rifles. >> reporter: today's debate on the streets of falls church was also heard in the washington studios of the major television networks. >> i'll look at all the proposals. >> reporter: where virginia senator mark western, a resent -- >> simply saying existing gun laws are enough, the status quo is acceptable just didn't pass my gut check as a father. >> reporter: while nra executive director continued to insist that the answer to school shootings is not gun control but armed police officers in every public school. >> it's the one thing that would keep people safe, and the nra is going to try to do that. >> reporter: but the nra's proposal continues to be met
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with fierce opposition, including charles schumer who says try doing to prevent shootings in schools without talking about guns is like trying to prevent cancer without talking about cigarettes. the world's largest arms supplier reports it sold 3 1/2 years worth of ar-15 ammunition magazine in just 3 days. they are the nation's most popular semiautomatic rifle, similar to the one used in the newtown shootings. senator michael krepo has been charged with drunk driving. he was arrested by alexandria police before 1:00 this morning. an officer witnessed him running a red light at m hume and mt. vernon avenues. his office issued a statement saying he was deeply sorry for his actions and would deal with whatever penalty comes his way. the senator is due in court on january 4th. it was a mad rush today to
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get those last-minute gifts. but in other places getting a lot of businesses is the grocery store. apparently folks are not only interested in fathering around the christmas tree, they're also interested in gathering around the dinner table. surae chinn reports on the quest for preparing that perfect holiday dinner. >> you're real busy here today. >> we want to finish and go home. >> reporter: there's a lot to do before christmas and a lot to cook for. >> we have eight total and cooking for three vegetarians. >> i'm beginning to panic a little bit, but i'm okay. as long as the redskins win today we'll be about. >> reporter: barbara has her menu. >> we're greek and we're preparing a rack of lamb and i'm doing a tenderloin. >> we're preparing ham and mashed potatoes and all the traditional christmas dinner. >> and gravy. >> lamb and wild rice and salad
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and i'm going to make a vegetable casserole. >> reporter: and don't forget the hunt for the perfect ham. >> what makes the perfect ham for dinner? he's a man who has been cutting meat for three decades. he knows what he's looking for. >> one that isn't too much water added to it is a nice ham. spiral sliced. it saves a lot of work. >> it's not all about the ham this year. >> i'm looking for a turkey substitute. >> reporter: the name of the game, divide and conquer. >> my husband is doing the cooking. i'm doing the shopping. so we split the chores. >> reporter: the feast has to be good, right, because as she wished, the redskins won. >> it will go. it will work. dinner's going to be great. >> reporter: in bethesda, surae chinn, 9 news. christmas came early for dozens of homeless people in the area today. they were treated to a gourmet breakfast and warm winter coats, bags of socks, gloves
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and other cold weather necessities. today's event took place at the fourth street 7th day adventist church in northwest. she got the idea while teaching a bible class. >> and every sunday we would come by, we would see all these men standing outside. we would speak to them and they would say pray for us. and we would say, well, we invite you to our church, but they never would. i went back to the class, and i said we need to do something tangible. let's give them something for christmas. and when we leave here, it's not all over. all we don't give out here, we go to the park at, what is it, and we give it out there. >> thank you, ms. johnson. she says the class started by handing out gloves, toiletries and apples to homeless men gathered near her church. later the entire church stepped in to help fund the bigger project. got a big truck fire on the inner loop of the beltway
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today. traffic came to a halt for a short time when a trailer being pulled by a pickup caught fire. it happened around 4:00 this afternoon at 495 near river road. no word on what caused that fire and nobody was hurt in this incident. in orlando a young boy is hurt when a car crashes into a chinese restaurant. the delivery vehicle for this restaurant came crashing through the front window and landed right smack in the middle of the eatery. phillip campbell and his family were eating dinner at the time of this crash. >> it was a sudden jerk. the glass went and then the vehicle keeps coming through. the car, after it passed by my table, i saw the child that was on the ground, you know. i see the wheel go over one of his legs. >> the injured boy's family says he's going to be okay. meantime the delivery driver says he was into the parking lot when his shoelace got stuck somehow in the gas pedal.
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the florida highway patrol ticketed him for careless driving. a century-old house in prince george's county caught fire today. it caused some $50,000 damage to the two-story home. nobody was injured. investigators trying to determine what caused that fire. just ahead on 9 news now,. ♪ ♪ [ bagpipes playing ] >> a final farewell to a senate legend. we'll also have an update on former president george h.w. bush. a little bit chilly out here on the weather terrace, but we're going to have another cold night. take a look at that monday wakeup weather forecast. it's christmas eve tomorrow morning. temperatures will be only in the 20s in the outlying suburbs at 6:00 a.m., warming into the
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30s by 10:00 a.m. dry to start, but rain is on the way. details coming up in that full forecast.
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as we move closer to the january 1 fiscal cliff, senators from both sides continue to blame the other for
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the lack of progress on the plan to keep the country from going over that cliff. that's raising taxeand cutting program benefits. >> i think there's unfortunately only going to be a small deal, but unless we get to four trillion dollars we're just kicking the can. remember we took 4 1/2 trillion dollars out of our revenue stream. we're only talking about, with the bush tax cuts, we're only talking about putting a third of that back in. >> it's going to take both houses of congress and everyone to realize we can't let taxes go up on working people in this country, and the bush tax cuts are tax cuts that did help our economy in the beginning. >> you know where this is going. if no deal by january 1st, taxes for 90% of us will be going up. and that's just the beginning. former president george h.w. bush may not be coming home in time for christmas. doctors at a houston hospital say the 41st president needs to build up his injury before they
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can release him. it can still happen. the 88-year-old mr. bush was hospitalized back on november 23rd for a bronchitis-related coughing. [ guns shooting ] [ trumpet playing ] >> the 19 cannon salute part of the final farewell for senator daniel inouye. the senator, army veteran and war hero died of respiratory complications last monday. president obama and military leaders were on hand as the state bid farewell to its most favorite son. daniel inouye was 88 years old. he was the second-longest serving senator in u.s. history. remember the story? bronco, the police dog. he's been found. the loudoun county sheriff's office says the german shepherd made a getaway on friday
11:32 pm
afternoon while on his way to visit the dog groomer. the sheriff's department put out an alert and several people called in to say they had spotted the dog. bronco was found on ivandale road in the county. we're told he appears to be okay but was taken to the vet for a checkup. coming up, the updated christmas forecast. stay with us.
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